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Monday, July 2, 2007

Anna Debono born 1734

Die 27 Ottobris 1734
Ego Arcangelus Debono Parochus baptizzavi fila nata ex Laurentio Debono et Rosa Coniugi; cui impositum suit nomen Anna Victoria Debono. Patrini Mauritio Tanti de Casali Attardo.
27th October 1734
I, Arcangelo Debono parish priest baptised daughter born to Lawrence Debono and Rose, his wife who gave her the name Anna Victoria Debono. Godfather was Mauritio Tanti of Attard.
I had made it a habit to start looking for the baptism of females 16 years before their marriage. Anna Debono was born in 1749, so I started looking from 1733 backwards.
After searching through 20 years of baptism without success, I tried again, but to no avail.
Then I started my search later, to find Anna being born only 15 years earlier.
Anna got married early in her life, at exactly 14 years and 2½months!

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