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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Second Objective: Second Attempt - FAILED

A friend lawyer of mine told me that although you could fail online, one might go to the Public Records and get friendlier service as they can search for you. NOOOOOT!

I went this morning, with my 4-year old trudging along, all the way from City Gate to the Evans Buildings where the Public Registry is currently being housed, to be told that without the exact date they wouldn't look for my records...


Second Objective: First Attempt - FAILED

For my wife's ancestors, I tried requesting the marriage certificates online through putting in an approximate date. It has a nifty SMS service to notify you of updates - and wasn't I disappointed the next day to receive three SMSes telling me my requests have been rejected...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Second Objective

Looking across at my research up along my wife's family tree, I realise that, on her part, I only have eight missing GGGGrandparents. If I were to also find these missing individuals, I would have found all 64 of my children's GGGGGrandparents!

The missing individuals are:
- Mrs Fenech, wife of Francisci Fenech and mother of Andrea Fenech
- Mrs Galea, wife of Michaeli Galea and mother of Maria Galea, wife of the above Andrea Fenech

- Mr and Mrs Cardona, parents of Francesca Cardona, wife of Antonii Vella

- Mr and Mrs Bususttil, parents of Antonii Busuttil
- Mr and Mrs Frendo, parents of Feliciana Frendo, wife of the above Antonii Busuttil

In order to speed up the search and make best use of available resources, I made a request for the following marriages from the Maltese Government's Public Registry via their online form.

The marriage of Andrea Fenech to Maria Galea
The marriage of Antonii Vella to Francesca Cardona
The marriage of Antonii Busuttil to Feliciana Frendo

From these records, given that the information is found, I would be able to acquire the names of the parents of each spouse, and thus acquire the missing eight individuals in my wife's family tree.

As always, I'll keep you posted with any results forthcoming...

One down, two to go - Rosa Grech joins the tree

Kudos to Rev Albert Buhagiar, parish priest of Siggiewi, for replying within three days to my email requesting the baptismal record of Nicholina Magri, from which details I was able to acquire the name of TARGET 3, wife of Saverio Magri.

For completeness, here is the complete correspondence:

Dear Rev Buhagiar (or assistant)

I would greatly appreciate your small assistance in helping me compiling my family tree upon which I have been working for the past 10 years.

I only desire the name of the mother of Nicolina Magri ( my great-great-grandma), born in Siggiewi in circa 1862 to Saverio Magri.

I suppose the mother's name can be acquired from the baptismal record of Nicolina Magri of 1862 in your parish records. I thank you whole-heartedly beforehand.

Your brother in Christ

Jonathan Barbara

to which the reply was

Dear Jonathan,

From the Parish records it resulted that Nicolina Magri was born on the 7 December 1861. her parents were Saverio and Rosa nee Grech.

I hope this satisfies your research.

Fr Albert

This leaves only two more ancestors to meet my challenge of finding all GGGGreat parents on the 10th anniversary of my commencing my genealogical research.

These two ancestors will both be investigated at the Mdina Parish records which contain all Rabat records prior to 1902.