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Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Second Objective

Looking across at my research up along my wife's family tree, I realise that, on her part, I only have eight missing GGGGrandparents. If I were to also find these missing individuals, I would have found all 64 of my children's GGGGGrandparents!

The missing individuals are:
- Mrs Fenech, wife of Francisci Fenech and mother of Andrea Fenech
- Mrs Galea, wife of Michaeli Galea and mother of Maria Galea, wife of the above Andrea Fenech

- Mr and Mrs Cardona, parents of Francesca Cardona, wife of Antonii Vella

- Mr and Mrs Bususttil, parents of Antonii Busuttil
- Mr and Mrs Frendo, parents of Feliciana Frendo, wife of the above Antonii Busuttil

In order to speed up the search and make best use of available resources, I made a request for the following marriages from the Maltese Government's Public Registry via their online form.

The marriage of Andrea Fenech to Maria Galea
The marriage of Antonii Vella to Francesca Cardona
The marriage of Antonii Busuttil to Feliciana Frendo

From these records, given that the information is found, I would be able to acquire the names of the parents of each spouse, and thus acquire the missing eight individuals in my wife's family tree.

As always, I'll keep you posted with any results forthcoming...

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