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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Four birds with one stone?

In my previous post I planned the expedition into the parish records of Rabat, Malta. In doing so I made and shared with you a copy of Teresa Micallef's birth record. On putting it back I happened to look at another birth record that I have: that of Alfonso Vassallo - also from Rabat. His grandmothers are also unknown but since Alfonso is my GGgrandpa, they were not in that list of targets due this year.

But I could use the same strategy as for Teresa and find two GGGGgrandmothers. Alfonso's parents Nicola Vassallo and Evangelista (also born Vassallo) were both 36 years old on his birthday (1876) making 1840 the target date to seek out their birth records. Luckily they're both from Rabat.

I'll print a copy of the record and if I don't run out of time and the parish priest out of patience, will try to find their mothers too.

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