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Monday, August 24, 2009

One Dead End

A week ago, in my post An Uncle in Bone?, I started a bypass search through a suspected uncle, Andrea Barbara because of an Andrea Barbara dying at 60yrs of age in Bone, Algeria in 1836, the same year Antonia Barbara died there. The only knowledge of Andrea was that his wife was called Maria Farrugia.

In Zurrieq, whilst searching for Antonia Barbara, I started finding baptisms of children born to a certain Andrea Barbara and his wife Maria - so I started a family profile in order to find their marriage and their conclude whether this Andrea Barbara in Zurrieq was an uncle of my ancestor Antonio Barbara, younger brother of the late Antonia Barbara.

So far I had found eight daughters for Andrea and Maria born in Zurrieq:
  • Francisca Aloysia Carmela Elisabeth Catherine Colomba Barbara BAPTISED ON 27 apr 1826
  • Gratia Modesta Rosa Barbara BAPTISED ON12 Apr 1824
  • Anna Francisca Joanna Barbara BAPTISED ON 12 Feb 1821
  • Antonina Maria Andreana Barbara BAPTISED ON 27 Jan 1820
  • Catharina Maria Gratia Barbara BAPTISED ON 28 Nov 1816
  • Consuela Catharina Christina Barbara BAPTISED ON 4 Aug 1814
  • Gratia Rosa Margherita Barbara BAPTISED ON 4 Jan 1812
  • Francisca Horatia Antonina Barbara BAPTISED ON 7 Feb 1810

Today I continued the search and more offspring came forth:

  • Veneranda Horatia Maria Barbara BAPTISED ON 20 Jul 1808
  • Horatia Veneranda Rosa Barbara BAPTISED ON 12 Jan 1806
  • Josepha Veneranda Caterina Anna Barbara BAPTISED ON 28 Nov 1802

For a total of ELEVEN DAUGHTERS. I did not have time to check if any died very young.

Having found no more baptisms to the couple for the prior 5 years, I went to look for their marriage and I found it:

On 10 Jan 1802, Maria Camilleri daughter of Micaelis and Gratia Camilleri was wed to Andrea Barbara son of Josephi and Vizulae Barbara.


  1. Andrea Barbara of Zurrieq was NOT Antonio's uncle
  2. Andrea Barbara of Zurrieq was NOT the same Andrea Barbara of Bone, Algeria, as his wife's surname is CAMILLERI, not FARRUGIA
  3. Andrea Barbara of Bone, Algeria COULD STILL be an uncle.

To further cement the fact that Antonio Barbara's father Giuseppe was NOT from Zurrieq, I did a 10 year search around the est year of his birth and found

  1. NO record of Giuseppe's birth
  2. NO record of a baptism to a BARBARA family

Thus my search has to resume elsewhere, as I said in my earlier post In search of Antonia, around Zurrieq.

P.S. As Giuseppe's mother is Caterina, Zejtun could be another place worth visiting...

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